How Online Influence Can Lead to Multi-Million Online Business: Insights From E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2020

As expected, the tech city brought quite interesting companies from Germany and other countries.

Over 170 innovative tech startups, each one of them with a solution for advancement in this digital revolution and more than 7.000 visitors, filled out the historic event location in the heart of the city STATION-Berlin.

Industry leaders from companies like Mastercard, Facebook, Google, ABOUT YOU, Douglas, Beiersdorf, Rakuten, Audible, Zalando and more, shared insights on the latest trends and happenings.

So, here are our key takeovers from this dynamic conference held on 5 stages, over nearly 7 hours.

The digital generation wants your brand to be mobile-minded

When you’re building your online brand for the digital generation, have in mind that they are consuming your content on mobile most of their time.

Gemma Comabella Noguero, Managing Director DACH, shared some insights from MADE.COM, regarding this:

  • Every month, a person scrolls 1.5 times the height of the Empire State Building
  • 75% of traffic from mobile > 40% growth YoY
  • Bounce rate is dropping significantly
  • App not included!

Now, those are some good numbers to think about.

Using your Instagram following to build an E-Commerce Business

The fact that getting the attention of as many people is one of the biggest challenges in
e-commerce and that $333.25 billion are spent last year globally on digital ads, shows that brands are willing to invest in what brings them the most reach online.

Among the usual ways to get reach, like Social Media, Email Marketing, Display
Advertisements, one has gained quite more attention. We’re talking about Influencer Marketing.

Phillip Walter from Wirecard, brought up some interesting numbers and suggestions about Influencer Marketing.

  • 65% increase Influencer budget
  • 17% spend over half their marketing budget
  • 69% spend the most on Instagram

But, if you are already an Instagram influencer, and you’re still holding on to the paid sponsorships only, you should seriously rethink your earnings strategy. Having a good number of followers can bring you hundreds of thousands of euros, not to say millions. Why not create your own clothing line, sports equipment, make up or whatever that goes in line with your niche.

So, think about building your own e-commerce business and sell your products or services, with zero marketing costs.

Video Strategy is “a must” for your E-commerce business

Shefali Bhatnagar – YouTube Action Lead for Central Europe, brought up data for TV usage from the younger generation.
Massive changes are happening here – in the age group 14-29 years, the daily TV watch time in Germany dropped by -31% over the last 3 years.

Even more, by 2025, 68% of the global population will be Millenials or younger.

So, to keep up with the curious, demanding and impatient buyers, start video experimenting with YouTube Ads.

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