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How to Use Inbound Methodology With Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

A lot of things go well together in life; Oreo’s and milk, hoodies and winter, pancakes and syrup. Well, Inbound Methodology is the milk, winter and syrup of Influencer Marketing. 

When these two marketing techniques are put together, the outcome is an advertisement method of the future. With digital marketing becoming ever so prominent in our society, brands and businesses have changed the way they present their products and services. The traditional ‘in your face’ advertisement strategy, simply isn’t resonating well with the modern human of the 21 century. 

Nowadays, people simply don’t like to be told what to do, they want control. This also applies to their shopping behaviors. If you brute-force your advertisement onto your target audience’s devices, they will simply ignore it. 

To sell to modern humans, you need to befriend modern humans! 

People don’t see brands and products the way they did just a few years ago. Now, customers are looking to make a connection. They want to know what the brand stands for, what their product can do for them, and ultimately they want a brand that is a leader in its own industry.

These might seem like very high standards to meet, but they are the reason why Influencer Marketing is becoming ever so prominent. What Influencers ultimately do, is create that connection for the brand beforehand. So instead of the brand has to focus on building trust with its prospects, they simply find an Influencer with their target audience that has already built that trust. Think of this as a shortcut in marketing.

The Influencer has positioned oneself as the ‘leader’ of your potential customers, influencing them into purchase decisions by creating a unique lifestyle which their followers idealize. 

Inbound influence

Okay, so your Influencer uses their pre-built trust and sends you their audience as prospects on your website. Now what?

An Influencer campaign doesn’t stop when the link has been clicked, or even when a purchase has been made. Inbound teaches us that in order for a business to be truly successful, they need to be loved by their clientele. You don’t want to have to constantly look for new clients, but rather build a community around your brand.

Inbound Methodology has three principles: 

  • Attract – You don’t want just anyone to come to your website, you want potential customers and buyers. Getting the right Influencer can aid you, but to successfully attract your crowd, you need to know what they want. You need to be the provider to their needs.
  • Engage – Don’t waste the opportunity to engage your prospects. Introduce yourself to your audience and join their community. You can contact them through email, chat-bots, messaging apps. Now put all the information you’ve gathered on your customers in a CRM system. This will help you shape your target audience and help you understand what your customers want. 
  • Delight – Show your new prospects that you understand your field of work. Engage in answering all of their questions, as well as, getting your team to write explanatory blogs or videos for your products or services. Showing that you care and that you understand, can portray you as a leader in your own industry.

The perfect campaign

So, if we were to use the knowledge from both Influencer Marketing and Inbound Methodology, what would such a campaign look like?

Well first, you’d find an Influencer who would match your brand, both in personality and followers. Then, we move on to the post itself. The Influencer can tell you what their audience likes (you can also check this statistic by measuring the sentiment), so that you become the provider to their needs. The post has been published and people are starting visiting your website.

On the website they are met with the product itself – the product has a good description and the website is easy to use and understand. Accompanied with the product is a link to a blog post and a YouTube video which both explain how to use the product. 

On the right hand side of the screen, there is a pop-up chat-bot filled with all types of useful information. At the bottom, just underneath the purchase button, there is a ‘free email subscription’ field. Explaining that by subscribing, you’d be kept up to date with any updates, new products and sales. The website also has a good about us and contact tabs.

This is what the perfect Influencer Marketing campaign would look like if we were to also use Inbound methodology with it. We believe this to be the most effective way of doing Influencer Marketing thus far because it gives good ROI, builds your clientele and ultimately puts you in the driver’s position of your industry.

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