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Collaborating With Instagram Influencers: Top 5 Factors for Success

Choosing the right influencer is the most important step in creating a successful campaign.

If you’re a brand that’s new to Influencer Marketing, looking to start their first campaign – you are at the right place. It’s wild how popular Influencer Marketing is getting, it’s adored by people worldwide; influencers, brands, and customers love it.

In this article, we’ll focus more on choosing the right influencer. This, quite appropriately, is the most important step in creating a successful campaign. If you find the right influencer to collaborate with, all the rest will fall into place.

Is your Influencer even real?

Believe it or not, there are a lot of fake influencers all over Instagram. Those people have created a ‘black market’ version of Influencer Marketing, where they buy their followers and likes. Such influencers can never really do anything for your brand but rob you, that’s it. So don’t get excited when you see an account with one million followers, check the account for authenticity. 

The easiest way to do this is by checking the engagement and audience quality that the influencer has. If the numbers add up and they have good interaction with their followers, then chances are, that influencer is not fake.

How relevant is the Influencer to you?

Okay, now that you know how to tell the difference between fake and real influencers, let’s start discussing relevance. You don’t want just any influencer with a big audience to advertise you – that’s like going to a fashion show to sell bike parts. You cannot sell without a target audience. So, your ideal influencer will naturally have your target audience as their followers. This involves any niche groups as well.

So, now if you want to sell your bike parts, instead of going to a fashion show, you’ll go to a bicycle enthusiast whose fans are also bicycle enthusiasts. The closer the relation between your target audience and the followers of your chosen Influencer are, the higher the chances for a successful campaign.

Make a game-plan, define your goals, and figure out your target audience, this will in turn tell you which category of influencers you need to focus on – narrowing down your search and saving you precious time (because we all know time is money).

When it comes down to saving time and focused searching, our platform offers just that. We have a search mechanic that allows you to filter influencers by their chosen category (Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty, Sport…).

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The quality of their content

When you’re hiring someone to work for you, you naturally want them to be skilled and creative. Put simply, you want your employee to know what he/she is doing. Well for influencers, all the skills and creativity are put into their feed. It is amazing just how much you can gather about an influencer from their feed alone.

Not all influencers have gained their fame by producing quality content and such influencers cannot advertise your products. If for example, all you see when you visit a ‘good influencer’s’ (with a lot of followers) account is selfies, that person, is quite frankly, not an influencer but rather just beautiful. Beautiful will not sell – creativity and trust will.

One good way of valuing the quality of an influencer is by checking to see if they’ve worked on a campaign before and how that campaign did. Was the influencer good at product placement and spreading the brand’s message? Did that post get good engagement? Was that campaign in close proximity with yours?

There are influencers who are even creative enough to advertise products that don’t necessarily fit in with their category. With the amount of trust that they have built with their community of followers, they are able to influence them more easily.

Do they engage their audience?

Remember how I said that engagement is a good way to tell if an influencer is real or not? Well, engagement results can tell you so much more.

Good engagement also builds trust, which is needed to influence people into buying your product or service. The more ‘real’ and human-like the influencer is perceived – the more people are going to trust them. People want to connect with ordinary humans; people just like them – and successful influencers have built their personas exactly on this basis. This is one of the main reasons why Influencer Marketing is so successful.

But what is good engagement?

Believe it or not, having a lot of likes and comments on a post does not really equal good engagement. It can be said that an influencer has good engagement, only when the influencer is able to engage their audience into a conversation about a certain subject. 

For example, if the influencer at hand posts a picture of a cocktail and asks in the caption “What’s your favorite cocktail?” – on such occasions the engagement will only be considered good if people comment on what their favorite cocktail is. But it doesn’t end there. The influencer gets bonus points if they reply to (at least) some of the comments.

If an influencer can engage their audience to talk about certain subjects with ease, then imagine what they can do for your product/service.

Can you afford them?

The final and most important question, do you actually have the budget to hire this influencer without potentially going bankrupt? Influencer Marketing is essentially built of freelancers and as such, each influencer will have a different price – some will charge more, some will charge less.

If an influencer ends up being too pricey, you could always ask them to do a free product review instead of an ad campaign. This can be risky though since the influencer will review the product honestly. However most influencers do tend to want monetary compensation for their work and that should be expected, it is their job after all.

You can always try and negotiate by giving them attractive offers such as discounts and free products. But if they deny you, don’t despair, move on to the next one, trying to bargain can only lead to negative annotations toward your brand.

These are the five factors that are most important when you’re trying to find your ideal influencer. Following them, you can find an authentic, creative, trustworthy influencer who will spread your message across the social platforms like wildfire.

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